Town crier

A bunch of new content for GURPS, etc.

I’ve added a lot of new content over the past few months.

“Yeah, I can see that. I mean, I’m here, on the site…”

Right. And thank you. But I’m posting this for the benefit of the RSS feed. A few words about the feed, for the interested only, follow the header below. For now, here’s an update in the form of a TL; DR version, as of late September 2023:

The normal, expected RSS feed for this site, , should work fine now.

That’s all. The rest of this page might be of modest interest to blog managers only.

The gripe!

Out of old habit, I use the “page” content type to post articles, and use the “blog post” content type to post small announcements, notices, etc. (like this post). That made sense for the pre-WordPress version of this site, but WordPress annoyingly decides that it’s going to handle these as separate entities in the way it likes, and to Hades with how I’d like them to be handled.

In fact, just to get both content types to appear on the main page as a single undifferentiated list, I have to take the silly step of marking all content with a single category (I use “general”) and directing WordPress to use a list of all “general” content as the main page, because “just show all content, okay?” apparently isn’t an option.

So it goes with the RSS feed that WordPress creates. Adding all content to the feed by default – or at least as an option for the default – would seem to be nice, but WordPress decides that only content of type “blog post” is welcome into its main RSS feed. So I direct people to use this custom RSS feed instead, as it collects all content (by means of my silly “general” tag):


However, some folks will (understandably!) subscribe to the expected feed for a WordPress site, which would be:


And they’re free to do so… but anything that’s not of type “blog post” doesn’t show up for them. And so those readers miss out on the meat of the site: the discussions of weapon ST and combat pacing tweaks and stuff. (Okay, so it’s like soy meat, and as dry as lich bones to boot. But still.)

The solution!

I guess I need to give in to WordPress’s ways, and just use “blog post” for all new content (assuming that doing so creates no new problems). Users of the shorter RSS feed URL above should then start seeing notices of all new content. I’ll see how it goes…

In the meantime, the purpose of this post is simply to let RSS feed subscribers know that my site’s RSS feed may have failed to inform them of much recent content, including some thrilling entries from this year:

Plus new content from previous years, and many, many updates to content.

Anyway. If you use a RSS reader or post a blogroll of RSS feeds on a relevant site of your own, please consider subscribing to this site’s feed. (If your site’s feed should appear in the growing list of gaming-related feeds in my sidebar, let me know!)

Feel free to use the shorter RSS feed ( ); I plan to whip things into shape so it’ll start properly showing all content.

Thank you!

Header image: AI creates a medieval-themed town crier reading the news from a scroll.

Hm. I think I’d prefer a budget and an actual artist.

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