Update to rules for grazes

Rules Bit (GURPS): Grazes is an old house rule that stretches back to the 3e days. It details the effects of a graze: the bullet that only scores a character’s shoulder as it whizzes past, the punch that almost gets dodged but still clips the target, all the scrapes and scratches that heroes accumulate in fiction while escaping serious harm.

I’ve given the work a good-sized overhaul. I made the conditions for a graze cleaner and easier, reflecting my experiments and experiences. I simplified the effects of a graze to just two basics (or even one), with other effects made clearly optional. I clarified how the rule’s intent and effects differ from a simple low damage roll or the cinematic “flesh wounds” option. And I straightened things up overall.

I think this house rule is a good one, and it’s gotten many positive comments over the years. If you haven’t skimmed it in a long time, check it out in its cleaner new form.

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