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GLAIVE Mini levels up to v2.4

It’s a small level-up. A GURPS-style level-up: a handful of character points, not a feats-and-hit-points dump. In short: My one-page melee weapon-building system for GURPS/DFRPG, reverse-engineered from the games’ weapon tables, improves its list of weapon mods. The list is now organized by type, not alphabetically, which I think makes quickly picking out the right mods much easier. It also gains color coding that instantly shows which mods are mutually incompatible.

A bigger change is on the webpage. An Appendix now offers a small but growing armory of sample builds, notes on builds that don’t want to conform to published stats, a peek at potential new mods, and other commentary. (Including a long-simmering message on that “U” Parry – which, contrary to the rules, I think should be eliminated by sufficient ST. I know I’m not the only one…)

Give it a spin if you’d like to concoct some custom new weapons!

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