GURPS Range Ruler launched on e23!

It’s here! Steve Jackson Games’ e23 Store now offers the Range Ruler, a tool for finding battle map combat ranges without counting hexes. It’s based on a design I submitted to SJG, and after a kind reworking by the pros there, maintains pretty much the same look, down to the the corny text and this site’s URL.

(About the only thing not there is my requisite attempt at an abbreviation. The best I could do was GURPS Range Indicator Plank (GRIP), to which Dr Kromm sagely suggested the much better GURPS Range Increment Plotter, before someone apparently nixed abbreviations altogether. Probably for darn good reason!) 

Best of all for you, the GURPS Range Ruler (GRR?) is FREE! It won’t cost you a shekel. So print some out, arm the table, and get down and tactical on any surface, with or without battle maps. Oh, and while you’re on e23, buy GURPS stuff. It’s fun!

Go get it: GURPS Range Ruler


  • David N

    The Range Ruler is an idea that should have been implemented years ago. And I love that it’s free. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet, so I’ll provide more feedback later.

  • tbone

    Thanks, would love to hear your feedback later.

    I wonder whether there have been RPGs in the past that shipped with (or otherwise offered) their own unique rulers for combat distances. There must be, though I can’t think of one off-hand. (I am reminded of Car Wars’ funky “turning key”, which IIRC was also initially a fan-created tool.)

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