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Past blurbs from the “Hear Ye” sidebar section. Urgent town crier missives, now lost to the winds.

2024-03-06: The industrious easyGURPS YouTube channel offers a short overview of GURPS on square-grid and no-grid maps – including a lovely introduction to the official GURPS product of my own creation, the freebie GURPS Range Ruler. Which I guess I can now advertise with “As seen on YouTube!“!
Oh, and look, there’s a nice intro to the Range Ruler on the Japanese-language GURPS Wiki. It’s an international phenomenon!

2024-03-06: There was a lovely RSS feed here in the sidebar. It’s gone now; a broken (I assume?) update to the widget was doing to the site layout what a purple worm does to a 1st-level D&D party (hey, I’ve seen it). I’ll reinstate the RSS feed as soon as the problem is fixed.

2024-02-29: My apologies if you’ve recently had troubles viewing the site. Service has been spotty as the hosting service runs through an unusual number of upgrades and maintenance outages.

And it’ll no doubt happen again in the future, so your patience is appreciated. (Hey, it’s not like there’s some flood of new content to keep up with…)

2024-02-21: Support for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game waxes on. SJG recently released The Devil’s Workshop, which sends heroes to a Black Tower to battle demonic forces. And publisher Gaming Ballistic has just launched an already-successful campaign to fund Saethor’s Bane, a DFRPG adventure for either solo or group play.

Adventures await. Have at ’em!

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