This is an old list of links, finally pruned of dead branches in early 2020. Waaaay shorter now! Time to start building it up again.

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(Hmm . . . Unlike back when this page was first made, there are now so many sites, video channels, etc. etc. out there now that perhaps the concept itself of this page is outdated?)

Sites linking to Games Diner content

More Sector General race designs

John Wood’s GURPS site has been updated with more GULLIVER-enhanced alien designs from James White’s Sector General stories. See the critters here.

SJ Games Unofficial GURPS Pages

More fun content than you can roll a die at.

List of unofficial GURPS Netbooks

Tons of home-brewed goodness.

GURPS Wiki links page

GURPS Gulliver Wikipedia entry

Great Hastur! Cool! Who put this up?

GURPS 4e reviews

Siti su GURPS nel Mondo

Italian page of GURPS links.

Steve Jackson Games

A legend in gaming.

Net Games

Big list of free, home-made RPGs on the net.


THE hangout for GURPS players online.

T Bone’s posts on the SJG GURPS Forum

Because the “T” stands for “vain”.

Dr Kromm’s posts on the SJG GURPS Forum

The voice of officialdom.


Blog on games, gaming, game design.

The RPG Site

A blog and forums. Lots of reading, with plenty of reviews and discussions of small publishers’ work.

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