Artifacts of Legend

Coming for DFRPG: Artifacts of Legend

Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, the powered-by-GURPS adventure RPG that out-dungeons and out-dragons them all, is getting powered up again.

Artifacts of Legend and Artifacts of Saga, written by Marko Vujnovic and Christopher R. Rice and brought to you by Gaming Ballistic, will deliver over 70 new god-bestowed artifacts, fell weapons of darkness, and other weird wonders. The Kickstarter campaign’s sneak peek teases some good stuff, including Legendary Possessions: divinely granted items that grow in power as heroes complete great deeds. This sounds very good. (And needless to say, magic item write-ups are usually easy to port to any game system. You don’t have to be a DFRPG or GURPS player to use the ideas!)

The campaign is moving steadily toward funding and toward its June 11 deadline. Jump on over, reserve your copies, and power up your heroes (and their foes).

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