A year of daily GURPS tweets: #DailyHouserule (GURPS/DFRPG)

I’ve been assembling a collection of bite-sized house rules, tips, and tricks for GURPS and DFRPG, with the intent of tweeting one a day for a year. I’ve got enough entries now for nearly three-quarters of the year; the rest are falling in line smoothly.

When to launch these daily tidbits? January 1 would make all kinds of sense… I realized one day in late January. So I launched on February 1, the Chinese Lunar New Year. That works too. I’ve got over a week of house rules and tips posted now, and it’s going fine, so here’s the blog announcement.

Interested? Just follow @gamesdiner on Twitter, or follow my hashtag #DailyHouserule, or the broader #TRPG or #GURPS. Comments, additions, and mockery are welcome. (If an item is of interest, please peek at the full thread, for further explanations/clarifications of the main tweet, and of course for comments by readers.)

And while you’re at it, why not engage with other gamers tweeting about GURPS, or start some threads of your own? As a commenter rightly told me, it’s good to see more GURPS love on Twitter. I keep an eye on the hashtag #GURPS, but it’s not quite the info firehose a fan would hope to see. More like a garden hose, with a kink in it.

So I invite you to watch #GURPS, and/or my #DailyHouserule if you’re so inclined. It’s like a daily GURPS chewable vitamin, bland chalky taste and all!

Header image: I suppose I’m supposed to remake this image now, with a bunch of flying “X”s?

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