Minor brush-ups to COSH

I made some very minor tweaks to COSH, my GURPS 3e-centric combat skill creation system. The changes consist of a few wording improvements and typo fixes. I also clarified that the reader-created Evade is best built as an unarmed skill, with oddness resulting when built as armed; it’s a good exercise in design.

Those changes don’t make for a must-re-read, but COSH itself is worth checking out if you haven’t done so yet! Take that Evade, for example (with thanks to KBantar!); it’s a cool skill that lets you slickly evade any sort of attack, and is perfect for an unusual alien fighting style, a pacifist martial art, or a truly defensive Master of Defense. Yet, thanks to systematic design that balances its enhancements with limitations, it’s nicely balanced in cost and effect against existing skills like Judo.

I wish I had the time (and energy?) to update COSH for GURPS 4e. It’s really one of the most fun toys on this site!

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