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Minor update to GLAIVE Mini

Hear ye, hear ye. I’ve made a minor update to my GLAIVE Mini super-easy melee weapon design system for GURPS 4e, taking it from v1.0 to v1.1.

The changes consist of minor clean-ups, plus a change to skill use for semibalanced weapons. The old rule specified the use of unbalanced weapon skills, or balanced skills at a -2 default. The new rule suggests either balanced or unbalanced skill as the natural skill (designer choice), with the other at a -2 default, depending on which is more natural for the weapon. Thus, a semibalanced weapon could be specified as using Axe/Mace or Broadsword skill normally, and the other at the -2 default, depending on whether it handles more like an axe or a sword. This change gives more freedom to the designer.

If you’re not building your own weapons – big, small, balanced, unbalanced, semibalanced, smashy, slicey, pokey, you name it – using GLAIVE Mini, give it a try. It’s easy and fun!

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