Away and back again

Ack. I’ve been away from the website for over a month (and from posting anything at all for a long time); I’ve been away from the usual online haunts for at least that long, and even away from gaming for that long. Such is the busy life. (“You call that living!?”)

First, a big thanks to a few kind souls who wrote to tell me that there was a problem with the Games Diner main page not displaying properly. Yep, there was trouble, and I think it’s fixed now. Again, thank you!

If the site doesn’t work at any time, Dear Readers, please let me know – it’s much appreciated. (What with the voodoo of caching and all that, it’s quite possible that we don’t even see the same thing at times, so bug reports are really a help.)

Well. I have mountains of content to put on the site, and so started dusting off a hill or two. And lo, it felt good. Seriously, it’s fun to write gaming stuff, so bear with me as I get some of my mountain brushed off, brushed up, and posted.

In the meantime, I will post only this: my first (and hopefully last) comedic impression from the world of table-top RPGs. From dining-room experience many years back, here’s my impression of a parent walking in on a roomful of teens playing D&D:

Parent: “So. Who’s winning?”

<teens roll eyes>

Thank you. That’s all.

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