Unasked-for silliness: A GURPS logo

Over on the forums, a player ponders whether GURPS should have its own logo mark – something more graphical than just the word “GURPS” in a beveled box.

A crude image immediately came to my mind, which I can now show off via an even cruder abuse of “graphic design” <cough>.

The shape is obviously the d6 that is core to the game; its angle creates a six-sided silhouette (highlighted with a bit of color) that also evokes a map hex. The two graphic elements are the famous SJG monocular pyramid and the classic GURPS logo. The four spots, meanwhile, reinforce the image of a die, while also indicating the game’s 4th Edition. Reading the front faces from left to right, you get “GURPS 4(E)”.

As such, the design easily adapts to any other version of GURPS, from 1E to a future 6E. (After 6E, we can brainstorm on a new logo design. If we’re not too busy flitting around Moon Base Sigma in our atomic sleds, or fleeing the cannibal biker gangs through irradiated urban rubble.)

Hey, with an actual designer to reshape/resize the elements and add decent coloring, this might even look all right!


Kind contributor Douglas Cole (Who is this guy? Never heard of ‘im.) quickly chipped in this added suggestion. For your consideration, a mock-up that brings together the all-seeing pyramid, the GURPS name, a hex, and three d6:

GURPS logo idea by Douglas Cole


Well. I wonder what SJG thinks of the ideas here and on the forum thread. (Probably something like, “Please, people. Why are you doing this to us?” : )

Version history

2018-10-13: Minor changes, to swap the locations of the pyramid and the die spots, and add a touch of color.

One Comment

  • Douglas Cole

    I suspect you’re not too far wrong about “why are you doing this to us?” Especially since you can’t really do logo work without massivly borrowing all sorts of trademarked material. 
    It’s still fun, though. 🙂

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