I am not worthy of this gaming table

Hand-crafted tables of fine wood – for gaming. Our gaming, not billiards and poker and bridge. 

A dropped play surface lets you just cover up a game in progress, and pick up play without a hitch after that bothersome dinner party ends. Individual player stations feature flip-down desk surfaces, storage drawers, and trays for counters or pencils. You get “dice towers” for rolls, transparent map covers and grids, and an extra-sized GM station with built-in screen and rulebook trays.

Will it cost you? Oh yes, it will – over $8000 for the highest-end models. Why, that’s probably almost as much as I spent on all those GURPS books over the years! : /

Do I want one? No – because there are no cup holders! Who would build a gamer table without cup holders? I can’t believ–

Oh. It does have cup holders. At all player stations. Sigh. Where do I sign?

Go drool on the furniture over at Geek Chic.


  • Alexandra

    I personally have the model with deep-set cup holders — a billiards table.

    We have the “Portable Entropy Engine” (basically a dice-roll backboard) and it’s all beaten up with wear and tear of dice drilling into its rich mahogany panels. Very satisfying. It’s my dinner table centerpiece. Haters gon’ hate.

    • tbone

      You kids with your Portable Entropy Engines (nice phrase!). Back in the day, we were lucky to have dice. We pulled chits out of a hat. We’d close our eyes and point to digits in the phone book. We’d ask Grandpa how many years it was since his buddy Mort the Shriner passed on. That was our d20.

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