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Ooh, here’s an accomplishment most trivial: This site’s Star Frontiers to GURPS 4e Conversion Notes page ranks #1 on a Google search for “star frontiers gurps”. That just might be my first first ever.

There’s even more Dralasite-steeped goodness out there than I realized, though. Check out Star Frontiersman Magazine, a slick-looking magazine of all-new fan material, plus remastered versions of all the original books. That’s some serious fandom at work!

For the GURPSters, there’s another conversion page out there, GURPS Star Frontiers Conversion, a PDF that starts with this site’s conversion but makes changes where the author disagrees. (What items those would be, I don’t know; I don’t see who made the conversion.)

Those links are now on my conversion page. Hasbro has allowed the Star Frontiers downloads, or so I’ve heard repeatedly, so both original book PDFs and the remastered goodies appear kosher. Whether you play GURPS, another system, or are open to SF’s own rules, it’s a full space opera setting ready for the taking. Enjoy!


  • Esteemed Visitor

    Thanks for the info on Star Frontiers. Brings back some memories! I’m surprised to see that it’s available for free. I wish more companies would do that with out of print games.

    • tbone

      One can only imagine how many great old games languish in out-of-print purgatory. Yet lots, like Star Frontiers, do make it out; the web is just such a fantastic tool for making these available again. I hope more companies will dig through their vaults, and either make old games available via online shops like e23, or just as freebie downloads on their sites. If nothing else, the exposure and page views should be worth something to them, even for games that no longer have any sales potential.

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