Tactical Hand Signals

GURPS resource: New techniques

Getting technique-al

The skill sub-sets called techniques are a fun part of GURPS. This page will list new techniques of my own invention – initially just a placeholder page with a handful of techniques, but I’ll be adding more as I scrounge ’em up from past notes and character sheets and what not.

I’m labeling this a resource for GURPS, not DFRPG, as the latter doesn’t formally use techniques. But if you’re fluent in GURPS, you can drop these into a DFRPG game with no trouble.

The list

Eye on the Ball (Hard)

Default: Shield -2 or other prerequisite skill -4
Prerequisite: Any unarmed combat skill, Melee Weapon skill (except Knife or fencing skills), or Shield; cannot exceed Shield -1 or other prerequisite skill -2.

This technique lets you buy off up to half the Block or Parry penalty for defending against a flail.

Hide Tracks (Average)

Default: Tracking
Prerequisite: Tracking: cannot exceed prerequisite skill +4.

This is the ability to use Tracking skill to cover tracks, as described on B226.

Make Fire (Average)

Default: Survival
Prerequisite: Survival

This is the ability to start a fire using friction, lenses, or other “classic” techniques.

Pack Running (Average)

Default: Running
Prerequisite: Running; cannot exceed prerequisite skill +4

This technique replaces any Running roll to prevent a loss of speed, collision, or other mishap caused by running in a crowded “pack” of competitors – or to tactically block rivals through positioning!

(This is a decidedly unexciting technique, and I don’t expect players to make a rush for it. It’s inspired by a comment from athlete Mary Decker, who blamed herself for an infamous collision incident in a 1984 Olympics race, saying “I am and was very inexperienced in running in a pack.”)

Peroration (Average)

Default: Public Speaking
Prerequisite: Public Speaking; cannot exceed prerequisite skill +2

The peroration is the closing part of a speech, intended to recap the key points and influence listeners’ emotions. A speaker may roll against Peroration for a speech specifically intended to rouse emotion and spur action.

Many other techniques of Public Speaking are possible; the several potential optional specialties noted on B216 could be modeled as techniques instead.

Tactical Hand Signals (Average)

Default: Gesture
Prerequisite: Gesture; cannot exceed prerequisite skill +6

This technique covers a set of tactical hand signals used by a specific team, whether a massive infantry unit or a pair of game hunters. Team members can learn the technique to a considerably high level, though the technique should cover a limited range of concepts (usually combat tactics). More importantly, using the technique to communicate with a different team that has its own preset signals will generally prove fruitless, bringing everyone back down to base Gesture (or even inciting gross misunderstandings at the onset).

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