• GLAIVE conversion notes

    Simple first steps toward 4e compatibility Here are some comments made in the SJG GURPS forums, on updates required to bring the GLAIVE weapon creation system up to 4e speed: Treat any reference to “Load ST” as “BL/2”. The “unbalance modifier” should probably be changed, in light of the way 4e unbalanced weapons have become faster. Change from x1/x2/x3, to x1/x1.5/x2. Some missile weapons rules may need tweaking, if 4e weapon stats vary much from 3e.  The bow rules state that they’d work better under “quad ST” — which 4e now provides.  No, no plans yet to actually rewrite GLAIVE.

  • Miscellaneous question about Weapon Master damage: GLAIVE

    What I did not see in the Weapon Designer rules which I would have like to have seen is some mention of dealing with weapon master bonuses. Currently 1/5 of Skill doesn’t really do anything once you get past size +3 or so. You mean adding Skill/5 to damage? No, it’s not mentioned in the Weapon Design System, but elsewhere in GULLIVER are notes that such absolute damage bonuses only scale properly when replaced with percentage bonuses. So if each Skill/5 added, say, 20% to damage, or if you used GULLIVER’s suggestion for Karate damage bonuses (each skill level over 10 adds 10% damage), that would get the effect I…