The site is mostly reborn. The new platform (WordPress) presents many advantages – and clumsy weaknesses as well. One of note: Due to the platform’s silly segregation of (blog) posts vs (non-blog) pages, the list of posts on the home page does not include content created as pages (which is many of my rules-hacky items). To actually see all posted content, click “Home (all content)” in the menu. Thank you. (Also make use of the menu, the “swarm of tags” in the sidebar, and the search function to find stuff.)

Many old bits (no-longer-relevant announcements, ancient polls, newsletter content, etc.) have been dropped. Forums are missing (if they’re to be restored, that’s a separate big job). User registration is inactive (and unneeded?). Old comments are generally intact, but a few may have gone AWOL. Page view counters are nuked entirely. (Kind of too bad; some pages had many tens of thousands of hits.) The “Related Posts” feature may or may not remain by the time you read this; for any given post, it’s completely throwing darts at utterly unrelated stuff. (It’s not even trying.)

Many links are sure to be broken. Some text may refer to sidebar content that no longer exists. Graphic presentation (i.e., site theme) will be strapped down and experimented upon; expect wrenching changes in appearance, without warning. Also expect plenty of “Under maintenance” downtime for a while. All these things will get cleaned up.

Otherwise . . . same ol’ same ol’. But now with mobile-friendly design and far greater ease of maintenance and posting. So we’ll see what that brings.

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