Book 2: Mobility and You


Your Starting Stats

Encumbrance Basics
Natural Encumbrance
The Encumbrance Table
Figuring Encumbrance from WSR

Effects of Encumbrance
Encumbrance and Move
Encumbrance and Skills
Extreme Encumbrance

Extra Load-Bearing Ability
Extra Encumbrance
Higher ST
Other Load-Bearing Modifications
How Heavy Can You Get?

Mass vs Weight
Encumbrance from Weight vs Encumbrance from Mass
Computing Encumbrance
On Land
In Space
In the Water
In the Air

Buying Natural Encumbrance
Cost of Negative Encumbrance
Cost of Positive Encumbrance
Varied Levels of Encumbrance

Finishing Up

1. Book 1 Recap: Size
2. Optional Encumbrance Effects
3. Advanced Encumbrance Table
4. Breakdown of Natural Encumbrance Cost
5. Paying for Natural Encumbrance
6. Body Weight vs Item Weight
7. Comparison with GURPS
8. All About Buoyancy
9. Where'd All This Come From?